Is there 24/7 support at the residential locations?

Yes, all of our residential locations provide 24/7 care and support to our clients.

No, unfortunately, we are not specialised in drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Most of our sites are wheelchair friendly and we have ramps for easy access. We also have a mobility van at each site for transporting our clients to rehab activities, social activities and going to any appointments.

We do our best to accommodate the varying needs of all clients in our care.

Yes. Some of our locations have their own gym and exercise equipment, and the locations that don’t can take clients to the local gyms.

Yes we do, we offer support and advice when it comes to budgeting, finances and personal shopping.

We provide comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation services for New Zealand.

At each of our locations we assess and create individual rehabilitation plans for our clients, with them setting their goals.

Then through our Rehabilitation services we then assist them to reach their goals, and be as independent as possible in their daily living. Prompting and assisting where necessary, with the aim being for them to transition back home or into the community.

Once client’s rehab is completed, they are discharged home, with family or if appropriate, another care facility.

We do have some clients who live in our care permanently.

No, we provide everything our residents need at our locations. However they are welcome to buy their own snacks or takeaways if they wish.

Unfortunately not. Pets are welcome to visit from time to time, but they cannot stay with our residents.

No two injuries are the same. As each client’s journey is very different, it’s hard to say how long rehab will take.

If you’re staying at one of our locations, your days may be busy and filled with daily activities, shopping, accessing community education groups, meeting with family and friends, pursuing your interests and getting involved in events, games and celebrations.